Intel® X25-E 64GB Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives Recommend

Product Brief
Intel® High-Performance SATA Solid-State Drive Product Line
NAND Storage Solutions from Intel

Intel® X25-E 64GB Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives
Extreme Performance and Reliability for Servers, Storage, and Workstations

The Intel® Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives (SSDs) offers outstanding performance and reliability forservers, storage, and high-end workstations.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Enterprise applications place a premium on performance, reliability, power consumption, and space. Unlike traditional hard disk drives, Intel® Solid-State Drives have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool storage solution that also offers significantly higher performance than traditional server drives. Imagine replacing up to 50 high-RPM hard disk drives with one Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive in your servers-handling the same server workload in less space,with no cooling requirements and lower power consumption. That space and power savings, for the same server workload,will translate into a tangible reduction in your TCO.

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Better by Design

Drawing from decades of memory engineering experience, the Intel X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, featuring the latest generation native SATA interface with an advanced architecture employing 10 parallel NAND Flash channels equipped with single-level cell NAND Flash memory for even greater overall performance and reliability. With powerful Native Command Queuing to enable up to 32 concurrent operations,these Intel SSDs deliver higher input/output per second and throughput performance than other SSDs on the market today—and drastically outperform traditional hard disk drives. These Intel drives also feature low write amplification and a unique wear-leveling design for higher reliability, meaning Intel drives not only perform better—they last longer.

Validated and Tested by Intel, on Intel
All Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives are tested and validated on the latest Intel-based server and workstation platforms, for your peace of mind.

Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive

Technical Specifications

Model Name Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive

Capacity 64 GB

NAND Flash Components Intel® Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash Memory 10 Parallel Channel Architecture with 50nm SLC ONFI 1.0 NAND

Bandwidth Sustained sequential read: up to 250 MB/s Sustained sequential write: up to 170 MB/s

Read Latency 75 microseconds I/O Per Second (IOPS) Random 4 KB reads: >35,000 IOPS Random 4 KB writes: >3,300 IOPS

Interface SATA 1.5 Gb/s and 3.0 Gb/s

Form Factor 2.5¨ industry standard hard drive form factor

Compatibility SATA revision 2.6 compliant. Compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s with Native Command Queuing and SATA 1.5 Gb/s interface rates

Life Expectancy 2 million hours Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)

Power Consumption Active: 2.4 W typical (server workload1)Idle (DIPM): 0.06 W typical Operating Shock 1,000 G/0.5 ms

Voltage 5V SATA supply rail

Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C

RoHS Compliance Meets the requirements of EU RoHS Compliance Directives

Product Health Monitoring Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART)commands, plus additional SSD monitoring

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