OS-STORE branding~~OS ® brings you a new experience

OS ® brand creation

OS from the Original Source, is intended to start in the original product. OS-STORE (Original Source Trade Co., Ltd) shows that we are the primary sources of trade Limited. We are in control of China and the global product resources, our brand are registered in Asia, the Americas, Europe and other key countries. EU countries we have quality control standards, holding Chinese primary sources, plus operating a number of well-known trade platform, whether Ali or Amazon, AliExpress or ebay, wish, etc., can search into our products, we are also involved other information channel micro-channel, blog, facebook, etc., enabling customers to contact us. We have a sound logistics system, overseas warehousing services and a variety of payment methods provided by each country, truly customer convenience, reliable, safe and fast transportation.

OS ® brand purpose

1. have the original source of goods, to ensure the highest quality of goods;
2. to simplify the purchase and payment process to make the trading process as easy as possible;
3. accurate and efficient mode of transport cargo security service clients;
4. Allow customers to buy high-quality products and enjoy a good price and good service.

Dedication to every customer service. We believe that our focus and persistent pursuit, will bring us commercial products perfect achievements, also bring unexpected life experience for the customer.

With an unchangable heart, we can expect that a good beginning makes a wonderful ending.

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