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Original Source is get multi source to support buy and sell ~

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Our experience and expertise can solve your supply chain problems. Reduced costs, smooth production and assured supply are just some of the reasons our customers depend on us.


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OS-STORE branding~~OS ® brings you a new experience

OS ® brand creation OS from the Original Source, is intended to start in the original product. OS-STORE (Original Source Trade Co., Ltd) shows that we are the primary sources of trade Limited. We are in control of China and the global product resources, our brand are registered in Asia, the Americas, Europe and other […]

Genius Smartcam 210 camera using instructions explain

Genius Smartcam 210 camera   Connect RJ45 (Ethernet cable) & Wi-Fi dongle1 1.Connect Ethernet cable (RJ45) and Wi-Fi dongle to Smart Cam 210 ports   Install APP 2.Search Smart Cam APP from Google Play or Apple Store, and then install it to your Smart Phone or IPhone. Execute APP 3.Execute APP Add new camera list […]