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Why can’t read or play Blu-Ray DVD disc?

The technology is perfect in this day, perhaps there are some bugs exist accidentally. In fact, that is a very small matter and easy to resolve. The problem maybe include Hardware defective, Region, Compatibility, Disc Format, Low power, software support and more. Therefore any problem can cause drive non-work.   About reader failure >>> For Hardware […]

About Blu-Ray BD Introduction

About Blu-Ray ~ Blu-ray Disc (BD) is one of the next generation CD formats after DVD, which can be used to store high quality video and high capacity data storage. Blu ray disc is named because it uses 405 nm (nm) blue laser beam to read and write (DVD uses 650 nm wavelength red light […]

Atheros QualComm wireless device driver updated to windows 10 by OS-STORE

We have been updated driver to windows 10 for Atheros QualComm wireless device. Support device >>> AT1xxx / AR2xxx / AR5xxx / AR9xxx series More models will be publish as soon.   Detailed Description >>> Recommended for end-customers. Includes download options for driver-only and driver-with Atheros QualComm Wireless WiFi Software.   Purpose >>> Atheros QualComm […]

ЦиберЛинк ПоверЦинема Плаиер софтверска подршка ТВ и Радио картица

ЦиберЛинк ПоверЦинема 6 дигитални софтвер за кућну забаву је алл-ин-оне дигитални медија центар, испоручује комплетно забаве решење за дигитални дом преко вашег рачунара. Гледате и снимате дигитални ХДТВ и слушајте радио на рачунару са уграђеним ТВ тунер картице ПоверЦинема је. ПоверЦинема 6 омогућава вам да уживате у музици, video, фотографије, и ДВД. ПоверЦинема 6 […]